Deepen your culture of belonging

Organizations that build an accountability culture can hold conflict with care, navigate interpersonal power dynamics, and honor complex identities. A culture of belonging means being able to bring your whole self into the collective space, which enables you to tap into your gifts.

Our workshops on belonging are grounded in ritual and reflection, storytelling, courageous dialogue, practical application, and participatory methods.

Culture Transformation Sessions

Being in Right Relationship

An opportunity to look at healing as an act of liberation and a profound offering to our collective efforts. Together we explore ideas of belonging, trauma, accountability, and repair as opportunities to practice liberation with ourselves and each other now.

Grow + Weed + Seed

An opportunity to think about the parts of your work that need more sunlight to grow, the areas that need to be pulled up by the root and weeded out, and the new ideas we might seed to strengthen our equity efforts and the culture that holds them.

Communication, Collaboration and Decision-Making

An opportunity to consider how growing our self-awareness, grounding in our values, and adapting our approaches can bring us into right relationship with the ways we work together.

Healing Justice Frameworks

An opportunity to explore the concept of Healing Justice as a framework for understanding how to create practices and structures so individuals and communities can heal, transform and be protected from the harmful effects of structural oppression and trauma.

Liberatory Accountability

An opportunity to explore the elements of an accountability culture that uplifts healing, justice, growth and liberation over exile, incarceration, and dehumanization. Together we consider the practices and tools that bring accountability forth as a values-aligned way to be more intentional in our relationships with ourselves, with each other, and with our work in the world.

Values-Based Decision Making

An opportunity to build a foundation for an equitable decision-making process that allows space for multiple perspectives and that is rooted in trust, accountability and transparency.

How to Design Equitable Spaces

An opportunity to strengthen your team’s facilitation capacity and support the ongoing learning and strategizing that will be needed along your racial equity path.

Story Circles

An opportunity to bring people together around a powerful process of strengthening relationships. We will listen for the patterns, the places where your work is in alignment as well as the gaps. We will explore opportunities that come from sharing wisdom, hopes and fears through our stories.