We often speak of what it means to follow our North Star and a constellation of values, ethics, analysis, and vision that guide us every step of the way towards our healing and liberation.

We follow a path set forth by Ancestors to whom we are bound by blood and by bone, but also by shared legacy and struggle. It is because of them that we survive what is and strive for what should be.

We follow a path lovingly mapped out by the Teachers + Mentors who dedicate their time, energy, and guidance towards our learning and leadership. It is because of them that we stand in our integrity, our rigor, and our humility.

We follow a path in solidarity with our Compas + Collaborators with whom we organize, defend, build, create, heal, and dream. It is because of them that we know about radical creativity, community, belonging, safety, and support.
We follow a path supported by Family- born and chosen – who offer us home, care, love, and support. It is because of them that we can be brave, that we can take risks, and that we can find rest.

We are deeply grateful for this path. We are deeply grateful for our people. And we are profoundly emboldened and humbled by your love and wisdom.

Ancestor Statements

My name is Marisol Jiménez

I am the daughter of Joan and Alejandro Jiménez, and the granddaughter of Lina and Vicente Jiménez and John and Florence Cody.

Because of them I am ni de aquí, ni de allá… not from here, not from there… such that my words wrap themselves around too many languages, and my bones long for a home I have never known.

Because of them I am a rebel, a truth-teller, a border crosser, and an activist.

Because of them I am a healer and a fighter full of fierce tenderness and resilience.

But most of all because of them I carry forward the continuation of their greatest hopes for love and healing and magic.

My name is Tamiko Ambrose

I am the daughter of Pamela DeNeuve and Joseph Harris. I am the granddaughter of Dolores Horton and Harold Williams, the great granddaughter of Theresa Clayton and Sandy and Stella Williams. I am the niece of Anthony Ambrose Williams Black, whose life and legacy encourages me to be my greatest and best self.

Because of them, I remember I can make something out of nothing and wade through the shadow and light of humanity. Because of them, I can look squarely in the mirror, even when it’s hard.

Because of them, I am a storyteller, a deep listener and connect with people’s hearts. Because of them, I know that it is possible to build the world we want to live in. Because of them, I continue to figure out my part.

But most of all, because of them, I am rooted in a legacy of love and joy amidst any hardship. Because of them, I know to listen at my ancestor’s feet and remember that liberation is possible for us all.